All new and returning student athletes are required to meet with our Athletic Counselor.  To schedule an appointment please call 916-608-6687.

What to do to prepare for your meeting with the Athletic Academic Counselor:

  • Know your purpose! Write down any questions you may have and do your own research on discussion items prior to your arrival.
  • If you have not completed your Math and/or English placement exam, please go to the Assessment Office and take care of these placements ASAP. It is not possible to plan accurately without knowledge of your English and Math placement. 
  • You MUST bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts to your meeting with the Athletic Academic Counselor if they are not in Admissions and Records.

What to do when you arrive to meet with the Athletic Academic Counselor:

  • Check in at the front desk in G-180 (Falcon Gym). Have your Student ID number available. Please tell the person working at the front desk that you are there to see the Athletic Academic Counselor and that you are a student-athlete (also let them know what sport you play).